Imagine you are planning to performing "Ganapathi Sahita Rudra Homam" in Dallas on a Christmas eve. That auspicious time set as per Panchanga appears once in 60 years and you're left with nothing but a phone. would ensure you are on plan and provides everything from puja/homam ingredients to the pujari to help you perform the auspicious homam. is a one of its kind Hindu centric spiritual and religious fulfilment service that in its current form and vision is one of India's largest spirituality marketplace and logistics service.

Estimated at USD 50 billion* spirituality business worldwide (30 Bn in India alone) is a strong reason that needs hyper technology intervention to provide a service that provides one of the most endowed diaspora, the strength of their identity and oneness with their belief is a serious affair.

Puja n Pujari is a technology platform that provides all things spiritual and cultural through what I call HDTP - Hyper Divinity Transfer ProtocolTM HDTPTM that will set standards in logistics and consumer experience in the future.

Dr. Mahesh Kottapalli - President, DALVKOT

India is a land of spirituality. Spirituality remains at the heart of its majority population as a strong sense of identity and culture. The practice which has survived thousands of years will remain so for ages to come and it is one sector that needed technological intervention to fuel fulfilment. With a huge logistics and supply chain based research and a network of the largest numbers of speciality based Pandits, Mahants and Pujaris, is a blessing from heaven at the least.

Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.