She is an ardent believer of niche services and has a penchant for exploring business opportunities that need scale and resources.

Founding DALVKOT with Dr. Mahesh was a natural synergy and belief in approach to work that translates into high service value and experience for end customers.

It is her recipe of ideas and the ability to oversee operations to the last detail that has put DALVKOT on a high growth path. She's a pillar of strength and support for DALVKOT and is committed to provide every necessary impetus to grow the company into a landmark of Indian business story.

Nourishment is an important aspect of good growth and in today's context, it doesn't stop at tender ages. We at Dalvkot have focussed on this aspect on food and education that we cater through our service arms, but also nurture our employees to grow individually into fine leaders in their domains of interest.

Kalpaja A. Dalavoi - CEO, DALVKOT

Her current vision in DALVKOT is to increase the company's market share in all verticals. She personally looks over product maturity, market trends and HR besides leading specific service verticals.

She is the torch bearer of a tradition of service that is very close to her heart. Compassion and dedication is her hallmark and is visible in the success of initiatives for the upliftment of the needy that she personally handles. Her leadership is a matter of pride and awe in the circles of philanthropy in India and the world.

Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.