DWC - DALVKOT WOUND CARE is a speciality healthcare unit that has brought in the latest technology in advanced wound healing and pioneering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) technology which is a non-invasive therapy to treat prolonged illnesses, difficult clinical and surgical problems, to revitalise tissues in the patient's body. With wound care treatment specialisations such endovascular procedures, Plastic surgery and grafting, and latest wound care material available in the world, DWC is a boon to the advanced healthcare status in India.

The newly set up speciality clinic at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore is our flagship speciality clinic and DALVKOT shall invest and set up similar state-of-the-art centres in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad in the next several years.

The task of bringing advanced medical and healthcare technologies to India is a key goal for the Indian business leadership. It is an essential task to put India abreast of world's best to change the nation's status to a developed country.

Dr. Mahesh Kottapalli - President, DALVKOT

DWC being one of the first such center, is now offering the treatment technology training for medical professionals wanting to specialise in Hyperbaric technology and wound care procedures. This establishes a leadership position of DWC in the said sector. DWC is expecting to be prominently present on the medical tourism map from countries surrounding the sub-continent.


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Dalvkot Wound Care opens advanced Centre with HBOT to provide limb salvage for diabetic foot to endovascular lesions cases

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