For long, Indian consumer was a secondary target for marketers within India and western businesses. We are changing it by foraying into service and product opportunities that are indigenous, essential and focused on strengthening core life of Indian citizen.

DALVKOT Utilities Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the spring of 2016 by a team comprising thoroughbred professionals, heads of business houses with a vision of talent acquisition and honing to create a quality service based business that will satisfy the hunger for various things 'Indian', some aspirational, few essential and both strengthening core life. Currently, We have six service verticals and are eager to expand.

The talent pool, unbelievable. The hunger, voracious. Possibilities, ever inviting. The time couldn't be better than now.

Dr. Mahesh Kottapalli - President, DALVKOT

Based in Bangalore the technology capital of India, the most progressive city to attract talent and having an air of entrepreneurship, the company has ambitious expansion plans in terms of services, geography and turnover.

Walking along the footprints of visionaries of the Indian Industrial and Service sector, DALVKOT's founder directors are upbeat about the opportunities available to bridge the talent and market opportunities through (i) infrastructural support (ii) skill development (iii) research opportunities (iv) geographic spread, DALVKOT has set foot firmly into creating exemplary value for both customers and stakeholders while providing an opportunity for its employees to pursue excellence.

Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.